sermon series graphics by messenger graphics

Hello, I’m Meridith…a mom and wife based in Arizona. I love good design and have worked in small churches as a graphic designer for many years. I also own every season of Seinfeld…thought you should know!

My goal is to help pastors and small churches by designing sermon graphics and support graphics that can help save time and make Sunday mornings visually excellent. Your sermon graphics should be as thoughtful as your message!

Although I will never cover every topic, the intent of many of my designs is to be versatile so that my art can be useful to many people. I understand that pastors are creatives and need room to say whatever God is laying on their hearts.

Along with graphics I like to offer help in the areas of design, branding and communciation in church through my blog. I love to see churches communicate clearly and effectively for the kingdom. I want to see the body of Christ impacting their communities by speaking their message with clarity, love and openness! It’s important that churches get clear on why they exist in their unique location. Check out this branding article for more on that. 🙂

God-willing, I will continue to grow this collection and encourage you and your church. Thanks for what you do!