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Church Graphic Design – Step one to effective graphic design for church

We talk a lot about graphic design for church here and the importance and process of branding. The topic of both graphic design and branding are very broad. Graphic design is everywhere and encompasses everything from business cards to signage. It’s a lot to take on and even the thought of it can be daunting. […]

Church Graphics: Repurpose Sermon Graphics for Social Media, Emails + more

A big part of church graphics is the sermon series art. Chances are, you already utilize sermon graphics and slides at your church in some way. You know the benefits of having a visual representation of the message. Whether or not you have a team that creates church graphics or have an online resource, a […]

5 Sites to Find Free Images for Your Sermon Series


We talk a lot about sermon series graphics and different resources and tools you can use to create them. One way to create graphics is to begin with a photo. There are lots of websites that offer free images for your sermon series. Coming up with and creating sermon series graphics can be difficult. Many […]

How many logos does your church need?

creating a church logo

When you are creating a church logo, one is enough, right? Well, the answer is a little subjective but having more than one logo gives you better flexibility for real life application. When you are creating a church logo and you have only one layout, logo, you might find it looks awesome on the website […]

A Church Branding Checklist


Considering branding for your church but don’t know quite where to start? This checklist will get you started! Whether you are doing it yourself or investing in a designer, this tool will let you know what you need to have prepared before starting and what you should have at the end of the process. You […]

How to design a sermon graphic Part II


So glad you decided to stop by. You made it for the best part (at least for me), the process of designing the sermon graphic. 🙂  In Step 3 I’ve shared my screen in a video as I design a series for the book of Romans based off of a thumbnail sketch you’ll see in […]

How to design sermon graphics – Part I

There are a lot of tools you can use to design sermon series graphics for church. Software like Powerpoint, Canva, Affinity, Photoshop and Illustrator can help you put together a great design for your series. Some of the tools I mentioned are robust and have a higher price tag, while others are lightweight but still […]

Free fonts for church


When typography is on point, words become images. – Shawn Lukas, Designer I am always amazed by the artistry and discipline involved in creating fonts. Most of my designs rely heavily on typography. Font choice is HUGELY important in graphic design because different fonts evoke different emotions. A script font with free flowing lines inspire […]