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Church Graphics: Repurpose Sermon Graphics for Social Media, Emails + more

A big part of church graphics is the sermon series art. Chances are, you already utilize sermon graphics and slides at your church in some way. You know the benefits of having a visual representation of the message.

Whether or not you have a team that creates church graphics or have an online resource, a lot of work goes into their creation. So why not put them to work in ALL areas of church communication?

Your sermon graphic can be used for more than just Sunday morning. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to repurpose sermon graphics and get the most out of them.

1. Using sermon graphics for social media

Probably the most obvious place to reuse sermon graphics is social media. In the creation stage of your series graphics, ask your church graphics team or the company you work with (or maybe it’s you!) to make several different versions. You can definitely use the graphic as is, but I’ve found it helpful to have several different arrangements of the art so you can add a scripture or quote. Creating a taller version will also allow you to use it in Instagram and Facebook stories.

It can also be fun to use the graphic for your Facebook cover to change things up every once in a while.

Here are some examples of layouts and sizes.

church graphics - social

2. Add the sermon graphic to emails and texts

A really easy way to repurpose that lovely graphic you’ve worked so hard on, is in your emails. 

No need to change a thing…just pop it in and add a short description of what will be taught in upcoming weeks.

Same with texts…when you begin a new series, add the graphic to the text. You’ll always get more eyes on your message by adding an image than using text alone.


3. Use sermon graphics in your bulletin or app

We no longer use bulletins at our church but for many years we used the sermon graphic as the cover or at the very top when we moved to a one-pager.

Now we utilize the Bible App for church in place of a paper bulletin, and we always make sure to add the sermon graphic to the top of the page. If you don’t have your own app, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Bible App for church. It’s free to use and you can add your location, graphics, links, sermon points and scriptures for that Sunday. More on that in another blog!

church graphics - app

4. Add the sermon graphic to your website

Adding the main sermon graphic to your website’s homepage will not only help shake up the graphics on a page that may rarely change but it will also let visitors know what the church is currently focused on.

website header

5. Use sermon graphics as invitations

Whenever you plan to do a big push to invite people to church for holidays or a new series that you believe will really resonate in your community, consider using your sermon graphic to create an invitation. 

You can get really creative here. An invitation might be the size of a business card, a postcard or an unusual custom shape. These can be printed fairly inexpensively online and they give a much better impression than a paper flyer.

Add your series graphic to the front and all your info on the back. They can be a great tool for your church family to use in inviting their friends and family to the new series.

church graphics - invitations

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