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How many logos does your church need?

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When you are creating a church logo, one is enough, right? Well, the answer is a little subjective but having more than one logo gives you better flexibility for real life application.

When you are creating a church logo and you have only one layout, logo, you might find it looks awesome on the website but not on letterhead…if only it was left justified, it would look so much better! :/

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about having multiple logo’s for your church, that would be super confusing. But creating a variety of layouts and options for how your logo can be presented is very useful when it comes to using your logo in different real-life scenarios.

It also ensures that you have creative control over your logo. For example, let’s say you want to have pens with your church logo printed on the side. The pen company lets you know your logo won’t fit on the pen in it’s current layout.

If you have only one logo, they may try to help you solve the problem by having their in-house designer take the logo apart and re-arrange it to fit on the pen. You now find yourself at the mercy of the pen company’s designer whom you’ve never met and knows nothing about your church.

BUT, if you have a few different layouts you will probably find you have one to fit the situation. Pen crisis solved!

Let’s take a look at what will be most helpful to have in your logo tool box when you are creating a church logo.

1. Primary church logo
2. Secondary Logo
3. Logo mark(s)
4. Alternate logos

1. Primary church logo

Your primary logo includes your full name and it’s easy to read. It should embody the personality of your church. This is how you’ll want people to remember you.

church logo

1. Secondary logo

The secondary logo is often horizontal if your primary is stacked. The opposite is true if your primary is horizontal.

3. Logo mark(s)

Logo marks are a way to represent your church in an understated and abstract way. They often don’t feature your church name and simply stand on their own. It’s totally o.k. to have more than one logo mark as long as they are firmly on brand.

4. Alternate logos

Alternate logos are different layouts that are designed to fit into unique spaces like the pen problem we talked about earlier. They may display only your church name or stack elements in various ways.

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