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Make this Easter Count with a Communication Checklist

Easter is one of those highly anticipated and sometimes stressful weekends for churches. It is one of the few Sundays of the year that many people traditionally attend church and we have the opportunity to reach a larger audience. But Easter communication can be a challenge!

This doesn’t mean that planning a massive egg hunt or renting a smoke machine is mandatory. Your church has a unique personality and there’s no need to alter that for Easter. Your services are meaningful and impactful at any size.

Whether your Easter Sunday has big events or none at all, you’ll most likely see an influx of visitors and faces you haven’t seen for awhile. A little planning can alleviate a lot of stress that a larger crowd can bring.

Here are some things you can do to make your Easter communication effetive.

Plan a “come back”

Plan a meaningful event following Easter. This could be a new sermon series in April, an outreach event, a class or a workshop.

This will not only give visitors a way to connect but also re-engage your current church family. Align leadership to the “come back” event to better equip them to guide people to this next step.

The invitation

Tailor your invites to your audience. Invite your dedicated church family to celebrate the resurrection with you. Invite visitors and the unchurched to a memorable Easter experience.

Landing page

Create a landing page especially for Easter. Provide service dates and times, directions and what they can expect on Easter Sunday. Link emails and social posts directly to this page.

Postcards and posters

Printed materials still hold value! Create or invest in a great design with a clear message. Encourage church members to use the postcard as an invite for family and friends or distribute it to their communities.

Use free online platforms to get the word out

Leverage free platforms like All Events and Eventbrite to promote Easter. Tailor the description to your audience. Adding your events to these platforms will increase online visibility.

Digital ads

Consider allocating a portion of the budget to digital ads. This could include ads on Google, Facebook and other social platforms. Digital ads are an effective and inexpensive way to broaden your reach.

Align leadership, volunteers & atmosphere

Leadership and volunteers are vital in creating a welcoming atmosphere and providing much needed direction to guests on busy days. Assign leadership and volunteers roles, share your vision for that Sunday and give clear instructions.

Follow up

Follow-up to engage guests AND your church family. Highlight Easter after the fact with photos on social media. Express gratitude and provide info on any upcoming events.

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