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Free fonts for church


When typography is on point, words become images.

– Shawn Lukas, Designer

I am always amazed by the artistry and discipline involved in creating fonts. Most of my designs rely heavily on typography.

Font choice is HUGELY important in graphic design because different fonts evoke different emotions.

A script font with free flowing lines inspire movement, energy and fun. In contrast, a more uniform san serif font communicates strength and integrity. It’s all about choosing the right font for your message so don’t make the mistake of overlooking the power of type!

Ok, climbing down off the soap box now.


It’s fun to have access to the work of so many amazing type artists online. I am always digging through sites like and for inspiration.

I want to share some of my favorite fonts free fonts for church to use in spring designs. Each one is unique and yes, free!

1. Sunday Spring

sunday spring free fonts for church

Here’s an example of a free flowing script font. Great for ladies or children’s events.

Download Sunday Spring Here

2. Harmond Display

harmond display font - fonts for church

Harmond is a lovely serif font. I love the mix of regular and italic styles in the image above. There’s a certain nostalgia here that reminds me of Harpers Bazaar Magazine circa 1950’s. This would make a great title and subtitle font for sermon series slides.

Download Harmond Display Here

3. Magilio

Fun vintage free font for church

A serif font that is fun and soft, Magilio works great for spring. Lots of alternative characters here to make a design interesting. I think this would work great as a large quote over an image for social media.

Download Magilio Here

4. Stanley

Stencil free fonts for church top pick for spring 2023

A stand out stencil font! Perfect for a headline and heavy enough to add a texture or image inside.

Download Stanley Here

5. Creme Espana

Creme Espana, one of my top picks for fonts for church this spring

Creme Espana is a beautiful romantic font with dramatic swashes. I could see pairing this with a straight-forward sans serif font to add a modern touch.

Download Creme Espana Here

6. Harmony

Classy, serif font free fonts for church pick

I’m a sucker for these classy serif fonts. This particular font looks great in lowercase as well as uppercase. Check out the link to see more examples.

Download Harmony Here

7. Modernist

A modern font for church

I love sans serif fonts and this one is just too cool…the way the end of one font seems to hold hands with beginning of the next character. This geometric font would make an awesome title slide that’s very young and modern but still friendly.

Download Modernist Here

8. Henrik

Henrik vintage free font

Henrik has a great texture for your next vintage project. You can see it makes a strong headline font but also works in a smaller context in an arch or circular design. It’s heavy enough that it could be placed over an image and still be read clearly.

Download Henrik Here

9. Neutral Face

Neutral face - on of my fave picks for free fonts for church this spring

Neutral face is an all caps modern font. There is a regular and bold version for this free font. There are also some cool alternatives for a few of the characters that can be used to make your design interesting.

Download Neutral Font Here

10. Sonder Regular

Sonder, a free font

A really fun serif font. So versatile…Sonder would make for a strong poster or T-shirt design. This font will definitely provide impact if that’s what you are looking for. I would recommend it though for lighter subjects because of it’s whimsical nature.

Download Sonder Here

11. West Side

West side free font

We’ll end with with this very fun font! Perfect for a youth series, children’s event or a light-hearted sermon series.

Download West Side Here



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