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5 Sites to Find Free Images for Your Sermon Series

We talk a lot about sermon series graphics and different resources and tools you can use to create them. One way to create graphics is to begin with a photo. There are lots of websites that offer free images for your sermon series.

Coming up with and creating sermon series graphics can be difficult. Many pastors and leadership team members wear many hats, making it even harder to get it done. An effective sermon graphic could be as simple as your title and a great photo. Knowing where to go for free images for your sermon series can help get the design process rolling.

Maybe the job of creating sermon series graphics has somehow fallen into your lap, even though you are not a designer. Whatever your circumstances are, I’ll always encourage you to find a way to invest the time or money into visuals that represent your sermon and draw people into your message or event. It will make a difference!

Today I’m sharing my go-to websites for high-quality images that are completely free to use, so let’s get into it.


This is my first stop for photography. has beautiful, high-quality images, especially of animals and nature. I have also found a lot of lovely portraits here.

2. is another great website. Some of their images may overlap unsplash but it’s worth checking. They also offer free video clips.


sermon series graphics texture labs

Next stop is This is a cool one because they offer a little bit of everything.

• Photos • Illustrations • Vectors • Videos • Music • Sound Effects • Gifs


creating sermon series graphics freepik

I use quite a bit. They do have free photos but I use this site, primarily, to find vector art, icons, and patterns.


creating sermon series graphics - texture labs

This one is lesser known, but no matter… it’s awesome! At you will find photos of textures that I use all the time to add, ummm, well texture and depth to a background or an image in a sermon series.

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