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How to add your brand kit into canva

When designing and communicating for church, it can be difficult to keep the look and feel of the designs aligned and cohesive. There are lots of announcements, events, Bible studies and ministries all under the umbrella of a single church body.

I try not to create graphics that look the same from event to event (snooze), but I would still like them to reflect our church in some way, so that we’re not sending out a confused vibe. This is where the church’s brand and guidelines come in. If you’d like to read more about branding for church, I talk about that in this article, but we’re talking Canva today, so I’ll get to it!

If your church does have a brand in place, even if you aren’t calling it that, but you have colors and fonts that you want to use consistently, here’s how you can add them quickly into Canva and speed up your workflow.

If you prefer a visual walk through…

Note for Non-Profits: Brand kit is a pro option. If you are part of a non-profit, you can apply for a free version of Canva Pro. Click the link and scroll down to Canva for non-profits to apply. Canva for non-profits.

Let’s go!

Login to your Canva account

Click the Brank Kit tab on the left hand side
This is where all you kits would live if you had some…you can create multiple kits.

Click the Add New in the top right corner, choose Brand Kit and name the kit

Upload your logos, choose your colors and fonts and you are all set!

How to use the brand kit while designing

Navigate back to the Canva home page

Click Templates and choose any template to work on it

Click the Styles tab on the left, just under the search bar and you’ll see your colors and fonts from the brand kit you created.

Click Brand Fonts and they will automatically apply to the design you are working on.

Click Brand Colors multiple times and it will shuffle through your colors giving you several options.

Click Logos on the far left menu. Click any logo you uploaded once and it will appear on your template.

It’s that easy…I hope this helps you work a little faster and more efficiently inside of Canva!

God bless!

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