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Sermon Series Graphics


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There are lots of ways to use these sermon graphics. They are pre-made and ready to use. You can use your favorite presentation software such as powerpoint or Canva. Simply upload the .jpg version of the file you want to use into your software. Add your scriptures or sermon points on top of the background slide and you are ready to go!

In most cases social graphics are also included. If  there is a Facebook cover image you can use this cover during your sermon series. Square posts and sometimes story-sized posts are included for you to post to your social media platforms to let people know about your upcoming or ongoing series.

Please refer to the series page to see exactly what is included in the download.

Yes, feel free to get created and use these sermon graphics as a jumping off point to create other series, social media graphics, promotional posters, etc.

All artwork is for personal use only, please do not make copies or re-sell the artwork.

After checkout you will see a link to your download(s) on the confirmation screen. You will also receive an email with a link to your download(s). If you loose your download please request a link through the contact page and we will send you a new link.

Each series for download is a little different. Every download includes at least two sermon slides, one main slide and one background slide for sermon points and scriptures. Social media graphics are also included.

All products on this website are digital. There are no physical goods sold on this website, therefore there are no shipping or handling fees.

Please read the download page for the series you would like to purchase for the exact details.

Are the fonts included in each sermon series?

Most sermon series will include some fonts in the download. When fonts are included they are sourced for free and do no require a license. Some series will include the actual free font in the download. Others will include the links to the free fonts which you can then download and install.

If a particular font has been heavily edited for the sake of the design, the sermon series page will detail that information. Please read the page in full to understand which fonts are editable and which are not.

We recommend that you download and install all fonts before editing in Photoshop. This will make the design process much easier.

Most files are .jpg files and are suitable for your overhead screen or for the web. Some downloads include .psd’s (Photoshop) layered files that can be edited.

Invitation files are high resolution .jpgs and .psds and are suitable for printing.

Please read the individual download page to find out exactly what kind of files are included.

After you have purchased your download, you are free to use the download link as many times as needed to download your files. Please save your email to retain the download link. If you loose or delete the email, please email us through the contact page and we will provide you with a new link.

Because the product is digital and cannot be returned refunds are unavailable accept by request through email with proof of receipt within 14 days of purchase.

Only requests with the subject line “unable to download” will be honored.

Please read the description of the product to make sure it is what you need. Be sure you have a strong internet connection for the download process.

Feel free to contact us before or after purchases with question or technical concerns. You can reach us through the contact page.

Make sure you have a good internet connection. If you have a strong connection and are still having trouble downloading, please contact us at and we will send a special link to you via email.

Most series have layered Photoshop files that you can edit. These files are called .psd’s. Inside of a psd file, each piece of artwork is on it’s only layer. If you have access to Photoshop you can move around different pieces of the artwork, adjust images and add new layers and artwork.

There are some sermon series that do not have .psd files. This distinction is made in the description of the product/download page. Please read the product/download page to find out.

Sermon series that are editable were created in Photoshop. You will need Photoshop to edit these series.  The description on the series page will describe the program you will need for editing. Please read the full description to see if you have the software needed for editing before making your purchase?

Any series that are editable were created in Photoshop and we recommend that you use Photoshop for editing. However, Affinity Photo 2 will open Photoshop files and retain the layers (see Affinity forum). However, it may not export every element of every layer. Because of this, we do not guarantee that you will be able to edit every part of the file in Photoshop.

Please see the Affinity website for more info. 

Many of the series use free fonts and we have either provided a link to download them or included them in the download myself. If there is a particular element of the graphic such as a special title font that cannot be edited it will be explained on the page for that series. Please read the full description before purchasing to be sure.

Yes. Every project is different so please contact us here with the name and changes or additional media you need and I will provide you with an estimate.

We are not currently creating custom series, however we can edit any series on the website. This includes changing the name of the series and changing or removing subtitles. We can also create additional media that matches the main sermon graphic such as additional slides, social media graphics and print designs.

Please contact us through the contact page and we will provide you with an estimate.

We do not currently support the creation of videos or motion graphics.

We try to add a new sermon series every 8 weeks or so but this can vary from month to month as we also want to add helpful articles and other free resources. Please stop by regularly for new art work and subscribe to our email newsletter for important updates.

No, we do not provide prints. All artwork is digital and for you to download. Some series have invitation cards that are at least 300 dpi and can be sent to your local printer or uploaded to an online printer.

Currently only the Easter sermon series graphic bundles have invites included in the download. Feel free to request an invite card for any series and we will provide you with an estimate for that project.

Please use the contact page to request an invitation for your series. We will then contact you with an estimate that you can accept or decline.

Please do not make copies of your download to share or sell. By purchasing one download you are granted one worldwide, non-exclusive license to the product you have purchased.

See our latest policies on the terms and conditions page. Terms and conditions page.

This digital shop is open 24 hours a day. There is no brick and mortar storefront.

We try to respond to email requests as quickly as possible. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Messenger graphics is dedicated to creating visual art to make and impact on your audience and help you communicate better on Sundays mornings and throughout the week on your social platforms. 

We do not currently create or provide sermon outlines or preaching content.